AGILITY Innovation Summit

The Future of Food | Feb 9 & 10, 2017

Event Descriptions

February 9: 9:00am – 6:00pm
February 10: 9:00am – 1:00pm (Student Exclusive Content)
Location: University of Lethbridge campus, Lethbridge, AB

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Future of AgTech: Discovering New Opportunities

9:25am-10:40am | SU Ballroom B | Register Now

Food production is increasingly a hi-tech enterprise. Meeting the global demands for high quality, safe food and nutrition is driving innovation and the development of new technologies in every aspect of the agri-food sector. Key identified trends in AgTech include:

  • Increased demand for high-quality outputs,
  • Getting ahead of consumer demands,
  • Changes in food production and practices,
  • Developments in biotechnology,
  • Along with the trends in investments and practices that are driving the evolution of the agri-food sector.

Our panelists will share their experiences and insight, talk about the trends and successes that are happening here that have global implications, and expose the world of opportunity that exists in AgTech. You will hear from:

  • Colin Rush, COO, Agricultural Division, Clean Seed Capital Group
  • Remi Schmaltz, CEO, Decisive Farming
  • Mark Carlson, Managing Director, Verdex Capital


Big Data, Big Insights: Propelling Food into the Future

12:05pm-1:30pm | Andy’s Place | Register Now

The food industry is one of the largest and most dynamic industries in the world. Population growth is forecast to exceed 9 Billion by 2050. At the same time, the availability of key land and water resources will be limited, creating the challenge to double food production from an increasingly finite resource base.

Enter BIG DATA. It makes sense that the entire food industry, from farm to fork, will take advantage of the same big data services as financial firms and marketing departments – to better understand how to increase efficiencies, improve quality, respond quicker to changing environmental and economic conditions, and to create new and exciting technologies and business opportunities that will generate new and sustained value from primary agricultural production.

By attending this event, you will learn about:

  • The latest in data science and data analytics,
  • Data integration for multiple sources,
  • What is happening with satellites and drones,
  • How big data is translating into new economic opportunities,
  • And see how your skills and interests fit into the exciting future enabled by big data.

Our panelists will share their experience and insight, prompt your curiosity, and expose the opportunities that exist now and into the future in the world of big data. You will hear from:

  • Dr. Eric Chalmers, Lead Data Scientist, Farmer’s Edge
  • David Chan, Data Scientist, Cybera
  • Chris Perry, CKP Farms Ltd and Grow the Energy Circle Ltd.


Keynote AddressInnovation and Sustainable Agriculture

1:45pm – 2:30pm | SU Ballroom B | Register Now

Mark Thompson, Vice-President Strategy, Agrium

In order to meet the challenge of feeding an ever-growing population sustainably, a collaborative approach to innovation and technology development will be critical. Join Mark Thompson, Vice-President, Strategy, with Agrium as he shares global perspectives on the imperatives for innovation in the agri-food sector – and the opportunities that presents.


 Feeding the Future: Prospects in Food Processing

3:05pm – 4:20pm | SU Ballroom B | Register Now

Canada is the fifth-largest exporter of agriculture and agri-food products after the European Union, the United States, Brazil and China. These exports account for almost 7% of Canada’s GDP ($108 Billion in 2014) and almost 7% of Canada’s jobs. With global population growth, improving income levels in the global middle class and changing diets, there are significant opportunities for new value-added economic activities in agri-food. This session brings a focus to:

  • Trends in the food processing sector, in Alberta and globally,
  • How new technologies, processes, and policies are making healthier food more convenient and sustainable,
  • How consumer food products are meeting local, regional and global food demands,
  • Opportunities for you to make an impact.

Our panelists will explore current trends, future opportunities, emerging career paths and talk about how to be successful in the agri-food domain. Opportunities abound. Don’t miss out on this stimulating discussion. You will hear from:

  • Ken Gossen, Executive Director, Food and Bio-Processing, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
  • Carlo Dade, Director, Centre on Trade and Investment Policy, Canada West Foundation
  • John Snell, Senior Vice President, FCM Division of INTL FCStone Financial Inc.


The Future of Food: Innovation and Technology at Work

4:30pm-6:00pm | SU Ballroom B | Register Now

Better food, healthier lifestyles, Canadian perspectives and competitive advantages, technologies to create more nutritious foods, meeting and getting ahead of consumer trends, small company opportunities, big company pivots – all of these ideas and opportunities will be explored by our panel moderated by Tom Burke, Senior Investment Advisor, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management. Join Tom and the panelists:

  • Matt von Teichman, CEO, GreenSpace Brands
  • John P.A. Budreski, Executive Chairman, EnWave Corporation
  • Preet Marwaha, Executive Vice President, Hempco Canada Superfoods


Friday, February 10, 2017

Networking Breakfast and Keynote

Field and Facility Tours

A number of field and facility tours that explore innovation in agri-food in the Lethbridge region will take place. These student-only tours have a maximum of 8 participants. Tours include:

  • Renewable Energy and Agriculture
  • Food Processing
  • Innovations in Livestock
  • Advanced Crop Breeding
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Remote Sensing

Investing in Agri-Food Competition

Developing and honing skills in market analysis and investment advising is at the heart of this student-only competition. This workshop kicks off the competition to develop and recommend investment advice relative to public-traded Canadian agri-food enterprises to a panel of investors. Students will have face-to-face contact with Tom Burke and other leading investment professionals to prepare them for the rigours of the competition. Finalists will get the opportunity to pitch their advice. Cash prizes are awarded for the top three pitches. The competition is limited to 20 students.

The Future of Food AGILITY Ag Summit will adjourn by 1:00 pm.