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AGILITY: the ability to think and draw conclusions quickly; intellectual acuity

The University of Lethbridge is home to AGILITY, an experiential learning opportunity in entrepreneurship that bridges education, research and innovation. AGILITY equips students with the skills of resilience, responsiveness and adaptability to allow them to keep pace with an evolving labour market, as well as skills that will enable them to tolerate risk and thrive despite change or failure.

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The University of Lethbridge is developing a new program in innovation and entrepreneurship designed to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit. Students will learn about innovative thinking and developing ideas from renowned faculty and leaders in the business and social innovation community. They will work in a cross-disciplinary environment and will have the space, tools and mentorship to bring their ideas to life.

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No Film School | Learn the Camera Philosophy of VR’s Most Cinematic Studio

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Written by Oakley Anderson-Moore from No Film School on May 19, 2016. From tinkering on their own cameras in the pre-VR days of 3D cinema to creating VR experiences like award-winning Inside the Box of Kurios and Lebron James: Striving for Greatness, creative team Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël of Felix & Paul Studios have set a high water mark for the cinematic experience of virtual reality. Their latest project, Nomads, now out on Gear VR and coming soon to Oculus in 6k, is a three part series following nomadic tribes of Maasai in Kenya, sea gypsies in Borneo, and the yak herders in Mongolia—and it’s absolutely breathtaking. No Film School sat down with Paul to talk about everything from his philosophy of composition in VR, to the fragile sense of presence, to taking on fiction in his next VR projects. NFS: People characterize VR as a medium where there’s no cinematographer, because…

Agriculture: An Uber Moment For Entrepreneurs

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Written by Tom Taulli, a contributor on Forbes / Entrepreneur. As Uber and Lyft have demonstrated, there are huge opportunities in applying new-fangled technologies to traditional industries. Entrepreneurs do not even have to necessarily have domain expertise. Hey, Uber co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick had no background in the taxi industry – other than he disliked the customer experience! So then what are some other categories that are ripe for disruption? Well, one to consider has actually been around from the beginning of civilization – that is, agriculture. “We are at the doorstep of a new era in agriculture that will accelerate innovation and empower more innovators,” said Matthew Crisp, who is the co-founder and CEO of Benson Hill Biosystems. His firm is focused on cloud biology, which involves the intersection of big data analytics, cloud computing and biological expertise to address significant global issues like drought tolerance of crops…

Ideacide: The Perils of Self-Censoring (And How You Can Stop It)

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How one mistake can have a ripple effect on our creative courage for the rest of our lives. By Matthew E. May It’s one thing to reject the ideas of others…we do that almost automatically. But when we reject, deny, stifle, squelch, strike, silence and otherwise put ideas of our own to death, sometimes even before they’re born, it is the highest crime against creativity. It’s an act of pure tragic mindlessness. I often think of this self-censoring as “ideacide,” because it entails the voluntary shutdown of the imagination, the long-effects of which eventually kill off our natural curiosity and creativity. Most times, ideacide happens without us even realizing it. A possible off-the-wall idea or solution appears like a blip and disappears without us even realizing. As a result, some of our best stuff is suppressed before even getting out into the world. Whether it’s because we’re too critical or…

Food Loves Tech (June10-12)

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When: June 10-12, 2016 Where: Manhattan, New York Cost: $50.00 Food Loves Tech is a first-of-its-kind innovation expo. Arranged as a series of large-scale exhibits, Food Loves Tech (FLT) will link multiple immersive installations, technology tastings, leadership panels and dining experiences to explore and celebrate the future of food through technology In partnership with Edible Manhattan and VaynerLive, the inaugural FLT expo will take place over two-days, from June 11- June 12, 2016 in the heart of Chelsea, Manhattan. Bringing together food tech innovators, start-ups and thought-leaders with food aficionados and enthusiasts alike, FLT aims to invigorate the conversation, and ultimately, change the way we think about food in the future. To purchase a ticket, please visit: www.ediblemanhattan.com/event/food-loves-tech/ 

The University of Lethbridge is ideally and uniquely positioned to prepare students for life in the 21st Century. Specifically, our commitment to liberal education encourages a breadth of perspective, and fosters resilience and mental agility to enhance success in a rapidly changing world. This commitment to entrepreneurialism and innovation will provide students with the opportunity to explore self-directed jobs and careers that can serve to diversify and sustain our economy, enrich our society and assist Alberta to further develop its knowledge economy.

Dr. Lesley Brown | Vice-Provost & Associate Vice-President Academic