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July 2015

AGILITY Builds on a Strong Foundation of Regional Collaboration

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By Trevor Lewington. The University of Lethbridge’s AGILITY program is being designed, in part, to continue our region’s long history of collaboration supporting both innovation and entrepreneurs. Perhaps it comes from that quaint notion of neighbor helping neighbor often found throughout rural Alberta communities. Or maybe it comes from the learning and research opportunities that are unique to a campus community. But, visitors to our region often notice a tangible spirit of teamwork and a sense of partnership that just does not quite seem the same anywhere else. By providing well equipped maker spaces and connecting innovators to the right support resources in the community, AGILITY will help write the next chapter for southern Alberta in terms of linking the post-secondary experience with the broader community to create new opportunities, jobs and businesses. This is just one of the many examples of collaboration-based initiatives that are aiming to do just…

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By Dr. Hans-Joachim (HJ) Wieden. The University of Lethbridge recently received $1.5M in funding from the Government of Canada through Western Economic Diversification to enable the creation of a supervised maker-space in synthetic biology, the first of its kind in Canada. The maker-space will empower interested students, graduates, post-doctorate students and faculty to explore their creativity and ideas by providing access to infrastructure that otherwise would not be available to them. This is particularly important for the nascent entrepreneurial-minded bio-engineers in Lethbridge that will have access to tools allowing them to efficiently perform the design-build-test cycle that bring their ideas to the proof-of-principle stage. It will help to reduce the otherwise often insurmountable technology and financial barriers to bring their synthetic biology / bio-engineering ideas to the point where commercialization is possible.

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Curriculum Design Challenge Day Success

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As we mentioned last week, AGILITY and the Master of Education Curriculum and Assessment Program were working together to co-host Curriculum Design Challenge Day. Thanks to everyone involved in the event on Wednesday, the day was a success! In case you weren’t able to attend, 45 Faculty of Education students participated in the event and had five hours to redesign Professional Semester One (PSI) before presenting their idea to a panel of judges. By removing constraints around the theoretical implementation of a new system, participants were able to generate innovative solutions for PSI. Some even recommend changing the entire learning experience for undergrads in the Faculty of Education! 

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AGILITY Update; Student Funding Opportunities Coming Soon

By | Funding for Students

Innovation and entrepreneurship pursuits aren’t cheap. That’s why the AGILITY Program is developing a variety of funding options for students so you can further the research and development of your great ideas! We will be announcing more details in the weeks to come, so make sure to keep an eye out for our official funding release. Keep up to date on AGILITY’s latest news by following us on Twitter and checking in every Friday for weekly updates! Still have questions? Contact us at the Vice-President Research Office by phone (403-329-2249) or at     Image from here.

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AGILITY in Education; Curriculum Design Challenge Day

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On July 15, 2015, the Faculty of Education and AGILITY Program at the University of Lethbridge will be holding the first annual Curriculum Design Challenge Day. The goal of the event is to engage the creative and critical thinking skills developed by graduate students in the Faculty of Education’s Masters of Education program in Curriculum and Assessment, in solving a real-world curriculum and assessment design problem. The 45 Faculty of Education students participating in the event are given the challenge of redesigning the Faculty of Education’s Professional Semester One (PSI). They will present their design ideas to a panel of judges which will include: Dr. Lesley Brown, Vice-Provost & Associate Vice-President (Academic), University of Lethbridge Amber Darroch, Associate Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Horizon School Division Dr. Dawn Burleigh, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Lethbridge Melissa Gough, Education Undergraduate Student Association Executive Committee Member, University of Lethbridge

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Bugging Out; Edible Insect Farming in North America

By | Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Agriculture is an industry that constantly demands innovation in order to produce more commodities at increasingly higher levels of efficiency. With the world’s population projected to be 9 billion by 2050, the question that has been nagging at every Ag industry professional is how to feed a massive population high quality and healthy foods with limited resources? A potential answer could be entomophagy.

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