Located in Markin Hall room M2039, the Agility Idea Shop is a collaborative space open to all majors to brainstorm, design, and create. Students will be able to participate in workshops that focus on idea development as well as access resources and tools to explore and express their ideas. The Idea Shop is equipped with technologies and tools like; 3D printer, rapid prototyping materials, vinyl cutter, white boards, 4K television, resource books, etc.

The room is open for students to book to use as a space to explore their ideas. The Idea Shop is a space where you can work on a business idea like developing an app or organizing a fundraiser, as well as classroom projects that the library and your dorm room floor don’t accommodate. If you would like to book the room, please connect with us at agility@uleth.ca .

The Idea Shop equipment and space were funded by Bruce McKillop’s generous philanthropic donation.

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