Looking for a class where you can apply your education? Tired of writing endless midterms?

Agility supported courses are open to all majors and support hands-on learning.

Themes in Innovation Spring 2018

liberal education, libed 3850, themes in innovation, university of lethbridge, agility, design thinking

Writing for Life Spring 2018

grant proposals, grants, community projects, university of lethbridge, spring 2018, applied study, education, class, course, writing

New Venture Start-Ups Spring 2018

entrepreneur, innovation, agility, university of lethbridge, spring 2018, course, class, management, liberal education

Electronics for Music Spring 2018

physics, electronics, hardware, music, instruments, agility, lethbridge, courses, classes, university, microprocessors

Introduction to Robotics Spring 2018

robots, interdisciplinary, studies, education, university of lethbridge, coding, agility

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