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March 2017

AGILITY Innovation Summit offers students a glimpse of the future

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On February 9th, the second annual AGILITY Innovation Summit: Future of Food took place. We gathered 15 speakers from across North America to connect with U of L students on key topics such as the explosive growth in agriculture, food production and technology-related sectors. Working in an un-conference style to better serve students, we featured various panel discussions throughout the day that aligned with courses from multiple majors. In the five discussions, students learned about innovation in agricultural technology, the impact of big data, food processing and the value chain, sustainable farming, and current trends in investment and financing related to food and agriculture. “One of the things I always valued while going to school was actually hearing from real people in the industry about what’s going on. They live and breathe it every day and bring a real-world component of what’s happening now in the industry,” says Remi Schmaltz…

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