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August 2016

From concept to reality: Charmed Playhouses

By | Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  A local Lethbridge family is taking imagination to a whole new level by bringing to life childhood fantasies with their company, Charmed Playhouses. Husband and wife duo, Tyson and Audrey Leavitt, stumbled upon viral success after entering the market of luxury playhouses in early 2015. “It’s crazy. . . . We’re in Lethbridge, Alberta,” Leavitt told The Calgary Herald. “It’s a Prairie town, population of (about) 90,000 people, and here we’re building the most expensive and luxurious playhouses in probably all the world. “It’s one of those niche markets that no one else is really doing.” Quote from Huffington Post   Before founding Charmed Playhouses, Tyson owned three landscape-related businesses while Audrey was a Registered Nurse, fitness instructor, and stay at home mom. After consistently seeing backyards with straightforward and uninspiring swing sets, Tyson hatched the idea to design beautiful, high-quality playhouses where children can dive into their imagination while…

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Alberta Farms open their arms to the public

By | Events

Are you interested in what makes farms tick? Want to see what happens behind the scenes? August 20-21, farms all across Alberta are opening their fields and shops to the public as part of Alberta Open Farm Days. Over 30 farms in Southern Alberta alone, with 8 in the Lethbridge area, will be offering tours and events. You can check out what farms are open in your area on their website and plan your route.

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