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July 2016

Education Challenge Day (July 13)

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On July 13, 2016, the Faculty of Education and AGILITY will be holding the second annual Education Challenge Day. The goal of the event is to engage the creative and critical thinking skills in Faculty of Education students by solving a real-world curriculum and assessment design problem. They will present their design ideas to a panel of judges which will include: Joanne Neal:               Acting Executive Director of Programs of Study and Resources, Alberta Education Robert Wood:              Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Lethbridge Amber Darroch:          Associate Superintendent Curriculum and Instruction, Horizon School Division Dawn Burleigh:           Assistant Professor, Aboriginal Education, University of Lethbridge Rod Scott:                    Assistant Principal, Victoria Park High School   The public is invited to attend Education Challenge Day on July 13th, 2016. Activities will take place throughout the day in the Curriculum Lab located on the 11thfloor of the Library.  Presentations will be displayed for judging…

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What is a Social Entrepreneur? | ChangeCreatorMag

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Written by Adam Force, Founder and CEO of Change Creator magazine app,  April 23, 2016. To read the full article, please visit: Change Creator Magazine.  The terms social entrepreneur and social entrepreneurship were used first in the literature to social change in the 1960s and 1970s. The terms became more popular in the 1980s and 1990s, promoted by Bill Drayton, the founder of Ashoka, and others such as Charles Leadbeater. Before the term gained traction, those who fit this description were outsiders or radicals that seemed to bring positive change to deprived communities single-handedly. Characterized as extremely optimistic visionaries who had infinite willpower, they use entrepreneurial skills and innovation to address significant social and/or environmental problems. Profit did not motivate this free-thinking and inspirational group. Years ago they didn’t have a name but today we call them, Social Entrepreneurs. Similar to the way business entrepreneurs change the face of business, social…

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Week 5 and 6 Wrap-up

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In what felt like no time at all, the final two weeks of AGILITY’s first course came rushing up with deadlines and final projects. In week 5, students collaborated in their groups to create a prototype and presentation to be showcased in the last class. The four teams presented their final ideas to their peers, instructors, as well as community members, sharing the reasoning behind their projects and intended impact. Some even included business plans and additional marketing materials in order to further demonstrate their project’s feasibility. The ideas students developed included: • BookFarm by Sterling Clavelle, Jessie Neudorf, and Lisa-Marie Swanepoel • Fresh to You! YQL by Erin Gerrard-Evjen, Karen Ogilvie, and Michelle Boivin-Carriere • Reduce Food Wastage by Lindsey Nakamura, Shamria S. Latif, and Walt Barton • Restaurant Experience by Mikayla Kamiski, Doran Johnson, and Krysten Lumsden The idea behind BookFarm was to make it more feasible for…

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