AGILITY Summer Course: Themes in Innovation 2016

By March 7, 2016Program Updates

Are you a change-maker? An innovator? A problem solver? A creative dreamer?

The University of Lethbridge AGILITY program is offering a new course for you!

In Themes in Innovation 2016, you will learn about foundational ideas and principles of innovation, and gain skills in topics such as:

  • Design thinking
  • Creative¬†thinking and problem solving
  • Business planning and market identification
  • Social Impact
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • 3D Printing and digital prototyping

This course is a combination of theory and practice, with time in the classroom and the workshop. Our goal is to help you build the collaborative and creative skills that will help you become an effective innovator. Innovation is a multidisciplinary endeavor, and we invite all majors to participate.


Themes in Innovation 2016 is

  • 3000 level Fine Arts studio course (FA 3850)
  • Available to Graduate Students (FA 5850)
  • Offered in Summer Session 1
  • Second year standing – open to all majors


Are you interested in participating in Themes in Innovation 2016? If so, register for the course today by visiting the bridge at by searching for FA 3850 (undergrad) or FA5850 (grad student).